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How To "Kill" The Entire "Internet Connection" Of User In Single Click

Yersinia is a framework for performing layer 2 attacks. It is designed to take advantage of some weakeness in different network protocols. It pretends to be a solid framework for analyzing and testing the deployed networks and systems. Attacks for the following network protocols are implemented in this particular release:

  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

  • Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)

  • Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP)

  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

  • Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)

  • 802.1q

  • 802.1x

  • Inter-Switch Link Protocol (ISL)

  • VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)

Follow the below steps to bring down the entire wifi and lan in single click DHCP Dos Attack With Yersinia:

Open the Kali Linux terminal and type the command

root@kali:~#yersinia -G

To open the GUI interface of yersinia. Now click on the Launch Attack option and select the DHCP option. Now ,Choose attack pop on your screen select the "Sending DISCOVER packet" option for your attack.and click on the OK. Now it will start the attack on DHCP server , it will send ton of packets on your DHCP server within second.

With Yersinia, you are able to attack on CDP, DHCP , 802.1Q , 802.1X ,DTP , HSRP, ISL , STP and VTP protocols.

How Yesinia Works???

Whenever user power up the machine it start searching the IP address. DHCP server offer the machine for IP address,as and when our machine respond to the request of DHCP server. DHCP server provide the IP address from its pool and allocate it your machine mac address.

So yersinia send many discover packet to DHCP server using different MAC Address so all the free IP in DHCP server used ,so genuine request from machine would be unsatisfied.

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