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About Us

We would like the HackersClub community to benefit from and use our knowledge as programmers and engineers to better overcome the daily challenges. 


We want you to pursue your passion for software (or software engineering). As we are a source of education, if there is something that you want to post, we will review the material for you before posting.


HackersClub would like everyone to be a part of the community and feel free to share information whether it comes to blackhat or whitehat hackers :)



$club = hackers("HC");

if $tclub.(foryou) {
    echo "Spend as much time as you want here!";

else { 

      "<script>alert("Just stay anyways!")</script>"



"We are not here to hide who we are, we are here to embrace ourselves as hackers/engineers and show the world what we are capable of!"

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