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Hacking Websites using 'WGET'

It's not suprise that WGET made it to our list of hacking tools, although it is not exactly breaking the security of the website, you are getting everything the website is coded on. For example, when implementing this piece of code, you are getting all lines of code used being used to run that site. This could in return be used for Social Engineering when trying to trick someone into giving you their credentials.

This will help you to download a whole website for offline browsing Download wget from here or you can google it.

Keep it in c drive in a new folder and name it wget go to cmd by typin cmd in run or by searching it

type ''cd c:\ wget '' without quotes and hit enter

Now i will download this blog by typing ''wget -a -r .jpg'' without quotes you can change the extension .jpg to .mp3 or anything. You can give any web address

Go to c dive wget and there you will get the downloaded files


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